computar lens m0814-mp2

Exploring the Versatility of Computar Lens M0814-MP2: A Comprehensive Review

In the intricate world of photography and videography, the choice of lens plays a pivotal role in capturing the perfect image. Among the various options available in the market, the Computar Lens M0814-MP2 stands out as a versatile and high-performing option for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This article aims to delve into the features, benefits, and potential applications of the Computar M0814-MP2, providing a comprehensive overview of what makes this lens a noteworthy choice.

An Overview of Computar Lens M0814-MP2

The Computar M0814-MP2 is a part of the MP Series lenses from Computar, a brand renowned for its high-quality optics. This particular model is a manual iris lens, designed to deliver exceptional image quality with minimal distortion. With an 8mm focal length and an F1.4 aperture, it’s tailored for use in various settings, ranging from surveillance to specialized photography.

Key Features

  1. Focal Length and Aperture: The 8mm focal length paired with an F1.4 aperture allows for a wide field of view with excellent light-gathering capabilities, making it suitable for low-light conditions.
  2. High Resolution: The lens is designed to work with high-resolution cameras, providing sharp, clear images that are crucial for applications like surveillance and detailed photography.
  3. Build Quality: The Computar M0814-MP2 is built to be durable, with a robust construction that can withstand various environmental conditions, an essential feature for outdoor and industrial usage.
  4. Manual Iris Control: This feature gives users complete control over the depth of field and exposure, allowing for precise adjustments to suit different shooting conditions.


  1. Surveillance: The lens’s wide angle and low-light capabilities make it an ideal choice for security and surveillance cameras, where clear images are needed regardless of lighting conditions.
  2. Machine Vision: In industrial settings, the lens can be used for machine vision applications, where its high resolution helps in detailed inspection and quality control processes.
  3. Specialized Photography: For photographers looking to capture wide-angle shots with a high level of detail, such as in architectural or landscape photography, the M0814-MP2 offers the needed versatility.
  4. Research and Development: The lens’s precision and clarity make it suitable for R&D environments, especially in fields requiring detailed imaging.

User Experience and Performance

Users of the Computar M0814-MP2 often praise its sharp image quality and versatility across different lighting conditions. The manual iris control is highlighted as a beneficial feature, allowing for greater creative control. Its robust construction is also a frequently mentioned advantage, ensuring reliability in various shooting environments.


The Computar Lens M0814-MP2 is a testament to high-quality optics, combining versatility, durability, and precision. Its range of applications makes it a valuable asset for professionals in surveillance, industrial, and photographic fields. By offering manual control and excellent image quality, this lens stands as a strong contender for those seeking a reliable and versatile optical solution. Whether for professional or enthusiast use, the Computar M0814-MP2 is a lens that promises to enhance the imaging experience and deliver results that meet the highest standards.

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