How to buy audible credits


Audible, Amazon’s popular audiobook and spoken-word entertainment service, operates on a unique credit system. Understanding how to buy Audible credits can enhance your listening experience, allowing access to a vast library of books. This guide outlines the steps and considerations for purchasing Audible credits.

Understanding Audible Credits

  • What are Audible Credits?: Each credit can be exchanged for an audiobook, regardless of price. This system offers significant savings, especially for more expensive titles.
  • Credit Allocation: Credits are primarily acquired through Audible membership plans, which offer a set number of credits each month or year.

Membership Plans and Credit Allocation

  • Monthly Memberships: Standard plans include Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. The latter provides monthly credits.
  • Annual Memberships: These plans offer a bulk allotment of credits at a discounted rate compared to monthly plans.
  • Special Plans: Audible occasionally offers other plans with different credit and cost structures, like student discounts or bundled plans with Amazon Prime.

Purchasing Credits

  • Eligibility for Credit Purchase: Additional credit purchases are typically available to members who have been subscribed for at least 30 days and have one or fewer credits remaining.
  • Buying Extra Credits: This option appears on your account dashboard when you’re eligible. You can usually buy credits in bundles (e.g., 3 credits at a time).

Steps to Buy Credits

  • Log into Your Account: Access your Audible account through the app or website.
  • Navigate to Account Details: Check your current credit balance and eligibility for additional credit purchases.
  • Purchase Credits: If eligible, you’ll see an option to ‘Buy More Credits’. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Payment Methods

  • Linked Amazon Account: Your Amazon account’s default payment method is used for Audible purchases.
  • Changing Payment Methods: You can change or update your payment method through your Amazon account settings.

Maximizing Credit Value

  • Selecting Titles: Use credits for more expensive audiobooks to maximize value.
  • Credit Sales and Deals: Keep an eye out for Audible’s credit sales or special promotions, which can offer additional savings.

Keeping Track of Credits

  • Expiration of Credits: Credits typically expire 12 months after they are issued. Keep track of expiration dates to use them in time.
  • Account Notifications: Audible sends reminders about expiring credits.


Buying Audible credits is a straightforward process, primarily accessible to existing members. By understanding how the credit system works and how to purchase additional credits, you can unlock a world of audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment at potentially significant savings. Remember to keep an eye on your credit balance and expiration dates to make the most of your Audible membership.

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