How to change light mode on a fantech keyboard


Fantech keyboards are noted for their fashionable appearance and adjustable capabilities, such as brilliant RGB lighting. If you want to change the look of your keyboard, adjusting the illumination mode is a good place to start. In this article, we’ll show you how to change the light modes on your Fantech keyboard, allowing you to customize your gaming or work setup.

1: Connect Your Fantech Keyboard First

Make sure your Fantech keyboard is correctly connected to your computer before you begin adjusting the illumination mode. To establish a reliable connection, use the USB cable included with the keyboard. Your keyboard should be available for customization once connected.

2: If necessary, install Fantech software.

Some Fantech keyboards include dedicated software for more complex customization, such as lighting settings. Check the user manual for your keyboard or the Fantech website to determine if your model requires additional software. Download and install the software on your computer if necessary.

3: Look for Lighting Controls.

The lighting controls on most Fantech keyboards are easily positioned on the keyboard itself. Look for keys that have icons that look like light bulbs or RGB patterns. These keys are commonly labeled “FN” (Function) together with another key, such as “F1,” “F2,” and so on.

4: Locate and activate the Function Key (FN).

The “FN” key is required to activate the secondary functionalities of the keys. While pressing the corresponding key with the lighting icon, hold down the “FN” key. This combination gives you access to the various lighting modes.

5: Switch Between Lighting Modes

After enabling the lighting settings, you can cycle through the various light options by repeatedly pressing the corresponding key. Fantech keyboards frequently include illumination choices such as static colors, breathing effects, and dynamic patterns. Experiment with the various modes until you discover the one that best matches your needs.

6: (Optional) Change the brightness and speed.

Fantech keyboards frequently allow you to alter the brightness and speed of the lighting effects in addition to changing light modes. To do so, hold down the “FN” key while pressing the designated keys (typically labeled as brightness up/down or speed up/down).

7: Save Your Configurations (If Applicable)

If your Fantech keyboard comes with advanced customization software, please be sure to preserve your favorite lighting settings. This ensures that your preferred lighting setup is retained even if you disconnect and reconnect your keyboard.


Customizing the lighting on your Fantech keyboard is a simple way to add a personal touch to your gaming or work environment. Following these simple steps will allow you to experiment with different illumination options and create a dynamic and visually pleasing keyboard experience. Changing the illumination mode on your Fantech keyboard allows you to display your style, whether you’re a gamer or a professional.

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