How to find accredited investors

Finding accredited investors is a crucial step for startups and businesses seeking to raise capital through private investments. Accredited investors, defined by regulatory authorities like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), are individuals or entities that meet specific financial criteria, enabling them to invest in higher-risk instruments like private placements. This article provides a comprehensive approach to identifying and engaging with these pivotal financial players.

Understanding Accredited Investors

1. Definition and Criteria:

  • In the U.S., an accredited investor is typically an individual with an annual income exceeding $200,000 (or $300,000 jointly with a spouse) for the last two years, or a net worth over $1 million, excluding the value of their primary residence.
  • The criteria can vary globally, so it’s essential to understand the regulations in your target investors’ locations.

2. Why They Matter:

  • Accredited investors are considered financially sophisticated and are able to bear the economic risk of investing in unregistered securities.

Strategies to Locate Accredited Investors

1. Networking Events and Conferences:

  • Attend industry events, conferences, and seminars where investors are likely to congregate. Engage in discussions, and use these platforms to build relationships.

2. Angel Investor Networks:

  • Joining angel investor networks can be a direct path to finding accredited investors. These networks often consist of high-net-worth individuals looking for promising investment opportunities.

3. Online Platforms:

  • Utilize online platforms dedicated to connecting startups with investors. Websites like AngelList and SeedInvest are popular among accredited investors.

4. Professional Associations:

  • Explore professional associations and clubs that attract high-net-worth individuals, such as alumni networks, country clubs, or industry-specific associations.

Building Relationships with Potential Investors

1. Effective Pitching:

  • Prepare a compelling pitch that clearly outlines your business’s value proposition, market potential, and how the investment will be utilized.

2. Transparency and Compliance:

  • Ensure that your business complies with all regulatory requirements. Be transparent about your business model, risks, and growth prospects.

3. Follow-Up and Engagement:

  • After initial meetings or discussions, follow up promptly. Keep potential investors engaged with regular updates about your business’s progress.

Legal Considerations

1. Adhering to SEC Regulations:

  • Familiarize yourself with the SEC regulations regarding soliciting investments from accredited investors, particularly Regulation D.

2. Documentation and Verification:

  • Be prepared to verify the accredited status of your investors, as required by law. This may involve reviewing financial statements or receiving written confirmations from a CPA, attorney, or financial advisor.


Finding accredited investors requires a blend of strategic networking, thorough preparation, and adherence to legal standards. By understanding the nature of accredited investors and leveraging various platforms and networks, businesses can successfully secure the capital they need for growth and expansion.

Further Resources

Remember, the journey to finding accredited investors is as much about building lasting relationships as it is about securing funding. Approach it with diligence, professionalism, and a clear vision for your business’s future.

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