How to get gift cards in Hay Day

In the engaging world of “Hay Day,” a popular mobile farming game developed by Supercell, players are constantly looking for ways to enhance their farming experience. One such method is through acquiring gift cards, which can be used to purchase mystery packages filled with valuable items. These gift cards add an extra layer of excitement to the game, as they provide players with the opportunity to receive exclusive decorations, tools, and other resources that can help in developing their farm. Here’s a detailed guide on how to obtain gift cards in “Hay Day.”

Understanding Gift Cards on Hay Day

Gift cards are special in-game items that can be collected and used to buy mystery packages. The contents of these packages are random, but they often include valuable items that can significantly aid in your farm’s development. Gift cards cannot be bought with in-game currency or real money; they must be earned through gameplay.

Ways to Earn Gift Cards

1. Completing Truck Orders

One of the primary methods to earn gift cards is by completing truck orders. These orders often require you to deliver specific quantities of various products. Once you complete enough truck orders, you’ll be rewarded with gift cards. It’s important to regularly check the order board and fulfill as many orders as possible to maximize your gift card earnings.

2. Helping Out Friends and Followers

Visiting the farms of your friends and followers to help out with their tasks can also earn you gift cards. This could involve reviving their trees and bushes or filling their boat orders. Not only does this foster a sense of community, but it also rewards you for your generosity. The more you help out, the higher your chances of receiving gift cards.

3. Participating in Global Events

Hay Day occasionally hosts global events where players worldwide work together to reach a common goal. Participating in these events and contributing to the community’s objective can often result in gift card rewards. Keep an eye on the event board for upcoming events and participate actively.

4. Farming and Leveling Up

Simply engaging in regular farming activities and leveling up can sometimes reward you with gift cards. As you progress through the game and reach new levels, keep an eye out for any gift card rewards that may come your way.

Best Practices for Earning Gift Cards

  • Prioritize Truck Orders: Focus on completing truck orders as efficiently as possible. Use Tom, the delivery boy, to quickly get the items you need for orders if you’re running short.
  • Stay Social: Actively engage with the Hay Day community. Add friends and followers, and regularly visit their farms to help out.
  • Participate in Events: Always keep an eye on the event board and participate in global events. These not only offer gift cards but can also be a fun way to interact with the broader Hay Day community.
  • Balance Your Farming Activities: While pursuing gift cards, don’t neglect the other aspects of your farm. A well-rounded approach to farming ensures steady progress and resource accumulation, facilitating even more opportunities to earn gift cards.


Gift cards in “Hay Day” are a valuable commodity that can significantly enhance your farming experience. By following the strategies outlined above, you can accumulate gift cards and use them to unlock mystery packages filled with exciting rewards. Remember, the key to success in “Hay Day” is patience, persistence, and active participation in the game’s community and events. Happy farming!

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