How to get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon


In the immersive world of Ninja Tycoon, ryo serves as the essential currency that fuels your journey towards becoming the most formidable ninja village. Acquiring ryo is pivotal for expanding your base, training your ninjas, and purchasing vital upgrades. This guide aims to arm you with strategies to efficiently gather ryo, ensuring your village’s swift growth and dominance.

1. Optimize Your Base Layout

Maximizing your ryo earnings starts with a well-organized base. Ensure your resource-generating buildings are prioritized and upgraded regularly. A strategic layout not only boosts your ryo production but also enhances your defense, keeping your resources safe from enemy raids.

2. Regularly Collect Resources

Staying active in the game is key. Regularly collect ryo from your resource buildings. These buildings accumulate currency over time, so frequent check-ins maximize your gains. Additionally, managing other resource types effectively can indirectly affect your ryo income by speeding up overall village development.

3. Complete Missions and Challenges

Ninja Tycoon offers a variety of missions and challenges that reward players with ryo upon completion. Pay attention to daily and weekly missions, as they can offer significant payouts for tasks you might already be doing as part of your gameplay routine.

4. Engage in Raids and Battles

Participating in raids against other players or defending your village from attackers is a thrilling way to earn ryo. Success in these confrontations not only grants you a bounty of resources but also enhances your reputation and ranking, which can lead to additional rewards.

5. Utilize Market Trades Wisely

The game’s market system allows players to trade resources. Keep an eye on market trends and trade surplus resources for ryo. This strategy requires a bit of market savvy, but successful trades can significantly boost your ryo reserves.

6. Invest in Upgrades

Investing ryo back into your village’s development is crucial. Upgrade your ryo-producing buildings and invest in technologies that increase your efficiency in gathering and using resources. While this strategy requires upfront expenditure, the long-term benefits in speeding up your ryo accumulation are substantial.

7. Participate in Events

Ninja Tycoon frequently hosts special events offering unique rewards, including large sums of ryo. Active participation and completion of event objectives can give your ryo reserves a significant boost.

8. Social Engagement

Joining a clan or forming alliances can offer unexpected benefits in ryo earnings. Collaborating with other players opens up new missions and raids that are more challenging but offer greater rewards.


Earning ryo in Ninja Tycoon is an engaging process that requires strategy, dedication, and a bit of cunning. By optimizing your base, staying active, completing missions, engaging in raids, making wise market trades, investing in upgrades, participating in events, and collaborating with others, you’ll find your coffers overflowing. Remember, the path to becoming the ultimate ninja village is a marathon, not a sprint. With patience and smart gameplay, your village will thrive.

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