How to get sea fairy cookie soulstones

“Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones” are a vital component for players looking to strengthen their characters in the popular mobile game, “Cookie Run: Kingdom”. This enchanting game combines elements of base building, strategy, and character collection, encouraging players to gather and upgrade a variety of cookie characters, each with unique abilities and lore. Sea Fairy Cookie, known for her mesmerizing appearance and powerful abilities, is a highly sought-after character. Acquiring her Soulstones is essential for unlocking or promoting her, enhancing her skills and effectiveness in various game modes. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to obtain Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones in “Cookie Run: Kingdom.”

Understanding Sea Fairy Cookie

Before diving into how to obtain her Soulstones, it’s important to understand why Sea Fairy Cookie is a valuable asset to your team. As a character, Sea Fairy Cookie excels in dealing magical damage to enemies, boasting abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Her skill, which summons a devastating tidal wave, can clear enemy waves and significantly damage bosses, making her indispensable for both PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) content.

Methods to Obtain Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones

1. Gacha Pulls

The primary method of obtaining any cookie’s Soulstones, including Sea Fairy Cookie’s, is through the game’s gacha system. Players can use Crystals (the game’s premium currency) to pull from the “Cookie Gacha,” where Soulstones for various cookies, including Sea Fairy Cookie, are available. It’s important to note that Sea Fairy Cookie is typically considered a Legendary or an Ancient cookie, making her Soulstones rarer than those of lower rarity cookies.

  • Tip: Save up Crystals for banner events that feature Sea Fairy Cookie to increase your chances of obtaining her Soulstones.

2. World Exploration

Completing stages in World Exploration mode can occasionally reward players with Soulstones. While the chances of receiving Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones specifically from this method are low due to the random nature of the rewards, it’s still a viable option for acquiring Soulstones over time.

  • Tip: Focus on completing stages with three stars to maximize your rewards.

3. Kingdom Arena and Trophy Race

Participating in the Kingdom Arena and Trophy Race can reward players with Medals and Trophies, respectively. These can be exchanged in their respective shops for Soulstones of specific cookies available at the time. If Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones are in stock, players can purchase them using these currencies.

  • Tip: Consistently participate in PvP content to accumulate Medals and Trophies for purchasing Soulstones.

4. Events and Special Occasions

“Cookie Run: Kingdom” frequently hosts events and special occasions that offer various rewards, including Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones. These events may involve completing specific tasks, logging in daily, or participating in limited-time challenges.

  • Tip: Stay active in the game and participate in events to take advantage of these opportunities.

5. Guild Battle

Being part of a guild and participating in Guild Battles can also reward players with Soulstones. Successful guild activities and battles may offer Guild Coins, which can be used in the Guild Shop to purchase Soulstones, including those for Sea Fairy Cookie when available.

  • Tip: Engage with your guild and contribute to battles to earn Guild Coins.


Acquiring Sea Fairy Cookie Soulstones in “Cookie Run: Kingdom” involves a mix of strategy, participation in game modes, and taking advantage of special events. While some methods depend on the luck of the draw, consistent play and strategic resource management can significantly increase your chances of obtaining these coveted Soulstones. By incorporating Sea Fairy Cookie into your roster, you’ll enhance your team’s capabilities and enjoy a more enriching experience in the magical world of “Cookie Run: Kingdom.”

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