How to get stars breath lost ark

In the expansive world of “Lost Ark,” players embark on a quest filled with adventure, battles, and the pursuit of treasures and mystical items. Among these sought-after items is the “Star’s Breath,” a valuable material used in various upgrades and crafting recipes. Obtaining Star’s Breath is essential for players looking to enhance their gear and abilities. This article provides a detailed guide on how to acquire Star’s Breath in “Lost Ark.”

Understanding Star’s Breath

Star’s Breath is a rare resource in “Lost Ark” used primarily to upgrade your character’s equipment, particularly for honing high-tier gear. Its rarity makes it a highly coveted item among players aiming to maximize their character’s potential.

How to Obtain Star’s Breath

There are several methods to acquire Star’s Breath in “Lost Ark,” each involving different activities within the game. Here are some of the most effective ways to gather this precious resource:

1. Guardian Raids

Participating in Guardian Raids is one of the primary ways to earn Star’s Breath. These raids pit players against powerful bosses, requiring teamwork and strategy to overcome. Successfully defeating a guardian rewards participants with various items, including Star’s Breath. The higher the raid’s difficulty, the greater the chance of obtaining this valuable resource.

2. Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks offer daily and weekly quests that players can complete for rewards. Some of these tasks specifically reward Star’s Breath upon completion. Keep an eye on the daily and weekly quests available, focusing on those that list Star’s Breath as a reward.

3. Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are special islands that appear randomly on the “Lost Ark” map. These islands offer unique events and challenges, with rewards that can include Star’s Breath. Participation in these events is not only a fun diversion but can also be a lucrative source of this sought-after material.

4. Chaos Dungeons

Running Chaos Dungeons is another way to obtain Star’s Breath. These dungeons offer randomized encounters and are designed to be completed quickly, providing various rewards based on performance and speed. Star’s Breath can occasionally be found among the rewards for completing these dungeons.

5. Trade Skills

Engaging in trade skills and resource gathering can also yield Star’s Breath. While this method may not be as direct as completing specific quests or dungeons, it’s a viable option for players who enjoy the crafting and gathering aspects of “Lost Ark.”

Tips for Acquiring Star’s Breath

  • Prioritize Activities: Focus on activities that offer Star’s Breath as a reward, such as certain Una’s Tasks and Guardian Raids.
  • Participate in Events: Keep an eye on the game’s event calendar for limited-time events that may offer Star’s Breath as a reward.
  • Join a Guild: Being part of an active guild can make completing raids and dungeons more manageable and more enjoyable, increasing your chances of obtaining Star’s Breath.
  • Optimize Your Gear: Ensure your character is adequately equipped for the activities you’re participating in to maximize your efficiency and success rate.


Acquiring Star’s Breath in “Lost Ark” requires dedication and a strategic approach to the game’s various activities. Whether you’re battling through Guardian Raids, completing Una’s Tasks, exploring Adventure Islands, running Chaos Dungeons, or utilizing your trade skills, there are multiple ways to gather this valuable resource. By following this guide, players can enhance their chances of obtaining Star’s Breath, paving the way for upgrading their gear and advancing their journey in the vast world of “Lost Ark.”

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