How to request a trade in MLB the show 20

Requesting a trade in “MLB The Show 20” can be an important step for players looking to change their career trajectory within the game’s Road to the Show (RTTS) mode. Whether you’re seeking a new challenge, want to play for your favorite team, or simply need a fresh start, understanding how to navigate this process can enhance your gaming experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you successfully request a trade-in “MLB The Show 20”.

1. Establishing Your Value

Before you can request a trade, it’s crucial to ensure that your player is valuable enough to be an attractive option for other teams. This means performing well in your games, consistently meeting or exceeding expectations, and improving your player’s skills and stats. A higher overall rating not only makes your player more desirable but also increases the likelihood of being traded to a competitive team.

2. Timing Your Request

Timing is key when requesting a trade. It’s generally advisable to wait until you’ve played a significant portion of the season, as this gives you ample time to build your value. Additionally, consider the team’s situation; if your current team is performing well, they may be less inclined to trade you. Conversely, if the team is struggling, they might be more open to making changes.

3. Accessing the Request Trade Option

To request a trade-in “MLB The Show 20”, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the main menu of RTTS and select the “My Player” option.
  • Within the “My Player” menu, find the “Player Actions” section.
  • Select “Interactions” and then choose the “Request Trade” option.

4. Understanding the Trade Process

After you’ve requested a trade, several factors come into play, including your player’s contract, performance, and the needs of potential receiving teams. It’s important to note that requesting a trade does not guarantee that one will occur. The game’s AI will evaluate your request based on various factors and decide whether a trade is feasible and beneficial for all parties involved.

5. Managing Expectations

It’s crucial to manage your expectations throughout the trade process. Sometimes, you may be traded to a team that wasn’t your first choice, or you may have to wait longer than expected for a trade to materialize. Patience and continued performance are key during this time.

6. Making the Most of a New Opportunity

Once a trade has been executed, it’s time to make the most of your new opportunity. This means continuing to perform at a high level, adapting to your new team’s needs, and building relationships with your new teammates and management. A positive attitude and strong work ethic can help you establish yourself as a valuable asset to your new team.


Requesting a trade in “MLB The Show 20” can be a strategic move to advance your career in RTTS mode. By understanding the process and strategically timing your request, you can increase your chances of finding a new team that aligns with your career goals and aspirations. Remember, success in this endeavor relies heavily on your performance, so continue to focus on improving your player’s skills and contributing positively to your team’s success.

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