How to sell Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub


Dealing Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub is a process that allows ticket holders to resell their bought tickets on a secondary request. This can be particularly useful if you’re unfit to attend an event or if you wish to vend tickets at a profit. Then is a step-by-step companion to help you through the process

Step 1 Check Ticket Transferability

  • to corroborate Eligibility ensures that your Ticketmaster tickets are eligible for resale. Some events or tickets may have restrictions.
  • Read Ticketmaster’s programs Familiarize yourself with Ticketmaster’s terms and conditions regarding ticket transfers and resales.

Step 2 produce a StubHub Account

  • Subscribe Up If you do not formerly have a StubHub account, produce one. It’s a straightforward process to take your introductory information.
  • Account Verification corroborates your account through the dispatch evidence transferred by StubHub.

Step 3 Listing Your Tickets on StubHub

  • Find the Event Hunt for the event on StubHub for which you have tickets.
  • List Your Tickets Click on ‘ Sell Tickets ’ for that event. You will need to enter details about the tickets, such as section, row, and seat figures.
  • Pricing Your Tickets Set your price. You can choose a fixed price or conclude for StubHub’s pricing tool for recommendations.

Step 4 Enter Ticket Details

  • Ticket Type Indicate whether they’re electronic or physical tickets.
  • Upload Tickets If they’re electronic, upload the PDF lines or enter the barcodes. For physical tickets, give details on how you will deliver them to the buyer.

Step 5 Review and Submit

  • Check Your Listing Review all the details of your table. insure that the event, date, ticket details, and price are correct.
  • Submit Your Listing Once everything is vindicated, submit your table.

Step 6 After Your Tickets vend

  • announcement StubHub will notify you via dispatch once your tickets are vended.
  • ** Transfer Tickets
  • to Buyer ** If you have electronic tickets, you ’ll need to transfer them to the buyer through Ticketmaster’s transfer point.
  • Payment Payment is generally reused by StubHub within 5- 8 business days after the event occurs. The finances will be deposited into your designated account.

Step 7 Client Service

  • Be Available Keep an eye on your dispatch and StubHub regard for any questions or issues from implicit buyers.
  • Contact Support If any issues arise, communicate StubHub’s client support for backing.

Tips for Successful Selling

  • Competitive Pricing Price your tickets competitively to increase the chance of a trade.
  • Honest Description Be honest and accurate in your ticket description to avoid controversies.
  • Keep an Eye on the Market Monitor the event request. Prices can change grounded on demand.
  • Plan for Physical Delivery If you have physical tickets, plan for timely and secure delivery to the buyer.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Cleave to Laws Be apprehensive of the laws in your state or country regarding ticket resales.
  • Avoid Price fleecing While it’s tempting to set high prices, be aware of ethical considerations and community norms.


Dealing your Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub is a fairly simple process that can be done from the comfort of your home. By following these way and keeping in mind the stylish practices, you can successfully vend your tickets with ease and convenience. Always insure to misbehave with legal conditions and StubHub’s programs to maintain a good standing as a dealer.

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