hppostscriptpde.plugin will damage your computer


For many Mac users, encountering the warning message “hppostscriptpde.plugin will damage your computer” can be a source of immediate concern. This message is part of Apple’s macOS security features, designed to alert users about potentially malicious software. However, when it comes to “hppostscriptpde.plugin,” the situation often involves less a threat than a compatibility or security certification issue. This article aims to shed light on what this plugin is, why the warning appears, and how users can safely resolve the issue.

Understanding hppostscriptpde.plugin

The “hppostscriptpde.plugin” is associated with HP printers, specifically within the PostScript Printer Description (PDE) framework. Printer Dialog Extensions (PDEs) enhance the standard print dialog by adding printer-specific features and settings, such as duplex printing, color management, and resolution settings. These extensions are vital for users who rely on advanced printer functionalities for their work or personal projects.

Why Does the Warning Appear?

The warning message typically arises due to macOS’s Gatekeeper function, which checks for software authenticity and integrity to protect users from malware. Several factors can trigger this warning:

  • Outdated Printer Drivers: The most common reason is outdated printer software. If the driver software hasn’t been updated to comply with the latest macOS requirements, the system may flag it as potentially harmful.
  • Corrupted Files: In some instances, the plugin file might become corrupted or tampered with, which could legitimately pose a risk to your computer.
  • Security Settings: macOS security preferences set to allow apps downloaded from the App Store or identified developers can also cause this alert if the plugin doesn’t meet these criteria.

Resolving the Warning

Here are steps to address and resolve the warning, ensuring both your device’s security and the functionality of your HP printer:

  1. Update Printer Software: First, visit the HP website to download the latest version of your printer’s software and drivers. Manufacturers frequently release updates not only for new features but also for patching security vulnerabilities and ensuring compatibility with operating system updates.
  2. Check for macOS Updates: Ensuring your macOS is up-to-date is equally important, as updates can resolve compatibility issues and enhance security measures.
  3. Scan for Malware: Use a trusted antivirus program to scan your system. If the plugin was indeed tampered with, it’s crucial to identify and remove the threat.
  4. Remove and Reinstall: If updates do not resolve the issue, consider uninstalling the HP printer software and reinstalling the latest version. This can help clear up any corruption or compatibility issues.
  5. Contact Support: If you’re still encountering issues, reaching out to HP’s customer support can provide additional guidance. They may offer specific solutions for your model or software version.
  6. Review Security Preferences: As a last resort, you can adjust your security settings to allow the plugin. However, this step should be taken with caution. Ensure that the software you’re attempting to install comes from a reputable source to avoid unintentionally compromising your system’s security.


While the “hppostscriptpde.plugin will damage your computer” warning can initially be alarming, it often signifies a need for software updates or security checks rather than an immediate threat. By following the steps outlined above, users can safely address the issue, maintaining both their computer’s security and the functionality of their HP printers. Always prioritize keeping your software up-to-date and be vigilant about the sources of your downloads to safeguard against genuine threats.

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