what channel is the Eagles game on


For fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, keeping up with every game is a must, but figuring out what channel the game is on can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle. The broadcasting of NFL games is shared among several networks, and the specific channel showing an Eagles game can vary from week to week. This article serves as a guide to help fans find out which channel is airing the upcoming Philadelphia Eagles game.

Understanding NFL Broadcasts

NFL games are broadcast through several major networks, each having its own set of rights for different games. These networks include:

  1. FOX: Typically airs NFC games on Sunday afternoons, which often include Eagles games.
  2. CBS: Generally broadcasts AFC games on Sundays.
  3. NBC: Hosts Sunday Night Football, featuring high-profile games from both conferences.
  4. ESPN: Known for Monday Night Football.
  5. NFL Network: Offers exclusive Thursday Night Football broadcasts.

Finding the Eagles Game

As the Eagles are an NFC team, you will often find their games on FOX, especially for Sunday afternoon matchups. However, there are exceptions:

  1. Primetime Games: Eagles games scheduled for primetime (Sunday night, Monday night, or Thursday night) can be broadcast on NBC, ESPN, or NFL Network.
  2. National Broadcasts: Certain Eagles games, especially those with high stakes or rivalries, might be picked up by networks other than FOX.
  3. Local Broadcasting: In the Philadelphia area, local networks might also air the games.

How to Find the Specific Channel

  1. Check the NFL Schedule: The official NFL website provides a weekly schedule that includes broadcast information for each game.
  2. Consult TV Guides: Online TV guides or the guide on your cable box can be a reliable resource.
  3. Use Sports Apps and Websites: Apps like ESPN or the NFL app often list the broadcast information for games.
  4. Local News: Philadelphia news outlets usually provide information on how and where to watch the upcoming Eagles game.

Streaming Options

If you can’t access the game through traditional TV channels, consider streaming:

  1. Network Streaming Apps: FOX Sports Go, NBC Sports, and the ESPN app offer streaming services, provided you have the channel in your cable package.
  2. NFL Game Pass: Offers live audio and replays of games after they’ve finished.
  3. Streaming Services: Platforms like Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV often include sports networks in their packages.


Finding the right channel for the Philadelphia Eagles game can vary each week based on the NFL’s broadcasting schedule. Staying updated with the schedule, checking local listings, and considering streaming services are all effective ways to ensure you don’t miss any of the action. Whether you’re a die-hard Eagles fan or just tuning in for a specific matchup, there’s always a way to catch the game live.

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