what pixel was the first to have astrophotography


In the realm of smartphone photography, Google’s Pixel line has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a camera in your pocket. One of the most remarkable advancements came in the form of astrophotography capabilities. But which Pixel phone was the first to introduce this feature? Let’s explore.

Introduction to Astrophotography in Pixel Phones

Astrophotography refers to the photography of astronomical objects and phenomena, a challenging feat due to the need for long exposures and stable camera setups. Google’s integration of astrophotography into its Pixel phones marked a significant leap in mobile photography, allowing users to capture the night sky in stunning detail.

The First Pixel with Astrophotography: Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4, launched in October 2019, was the first in the Pixel series to offer astrophotography as part of its camera features. This breakthrough was made possible by combining advanced hardware with sophisticated software algorithms.

Key Features of Pixel 4’s Astrophotography

  • Long Exposure Capabilities: The Pixel 4 could handle long exposure times, essential for capturing clear night sky images.
  • Software Optimization: Google’s software played a crucial role, using computational photography techniques to enhance image quality.
  • Stabilization Requirement: To use the astrophotography mode effectively, the Pixel 4 needed to be stabilized, typically with a tripod.
  • Automatic Detection: The phone could automatically detect when it was stable enough for astrophotography and suggest switching to this mode.

Impact and Reception

The introduction of astrophotography in the Pixel 4 was met with excitement and praise from both tech enthusiasts and professional photographers. It opened up new possibilities for night photography and set a new standard for mobile cameras.

Subsequent Developments

Following the Pixel 4, later models of the Pixel series continued to enhance and refine the astrophotography capabilities, further cementing Google’s position as a leader in smartphone photography.


The Google Pixel 4’s introduction of astrophotography represented a significant milestone in the convergence of mobile technology and professional-grade photography. By making it possible to capture the beauty of the night sky with a device that fits in your pocket, Google not only expanded the horizons of mobile photography but also brought a once-niche aspect of photography into the mainstream. The Pixel 4’s legacy in astrophotography continues to influence smartphone camera technology, inspiring both competitors and enthusiasts alike.

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