who is the monster in Wednesday

“Who is the Monster in Wednesday?” is an intriguing question that delves into the thematic and character aspects of the show “Wednesday,” presumably a reference to the character Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family series. The show, while not explicitly detailed in your query, seems to focus on the character of Wednesday Addams, known for her macabre and darkly comedic personality.

The question “Who is the monster” can be interpreted in multiple ways. It could refer to a literal monster – a creature or supernatural entity present in the storyline. Alternatively, it could symbolize the monstrous aspects of human nature, such as malevolence, deceit, or moral corruption.

Literal Monsters in Wednesday’s World:

If “Wednesday” is set in a universe similar to the traditional Addams Family, it could include various supernatural beings. These beings might range from benign but bizarre to genuinely menacing. The identity of the ‘monster’ would depend on the specific plot and characters introduced in the show.

The monster might be a new character, created to challenge Wednesday or to bring out certain aspects of her personality. It could also be a known character from the Addams Family lore, reimagined for the series.

Figurative Monsters and Human Nature:

The concept of a ‘monster’ could be a metaphor for the darker aspects of human nature. In such a context, the show might explore themes like alienation, the moral ambiguity of actions, or the societal definition of normality versus abnormality.

Wednesday Addams herself, with her unconventional outlook and morbid interests, might be perceived as a ‘monster’ by the standards of the society she interacts with. This could be a deliberate narrative choice to explore themes of individuality and non-conformity.

Narrative and Thematic Exploration:

The show might use the idea of the monster to delve into psychological or philosophical themes. This could include explorations of identity, the nature of evil, or the social constructs of good and bad.

The monster might not be a single entity but a series of challenges or antagonists that Wednesday faces, each bringing a different aspect of the ‘monstrous’ theme to light.


Without specific details of the plot and characters of “Wednesday,” it’s challenging to pinpoint who or what the monster is. It could be a literal creature, a metaphorical representation of societal or personal demons, or a narrative device to explore deeper themes.

In summary, the monster in “Wednesday” could vary widely depending on the narrative direction of the show. It could be a literal supernatural being, a representation of the darker aspects of human nature, or a thematic exploration of societal norms and individuality. The true nature of the monster would be revealed through the progression of the series and would likely be open to different interpretations by the audience.

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