Yamaha reface yc midi with computer

Integrating Yamaha Reface YC with Your Computer: A MIDI Connection Guide

The Yamaha Reface YC has carved a niche for itself in the world of compact, yet powerful musical instruments. Known for its vintage organ sounds and portability, it’s a favorite among musicians who appreciate the classic tones and modern functionality. One of the key features of the Reface YC is its ability to connect to a computer via MIDI, opening up a world of musical possibilities. This article will explore how to make the most of the Yamaha Reface YC by integrating it with your computer using MIDI.

Understanding the Yamaha Reface YC

The Yamaha Reface YC is part of Yamaha’s Reface series, which aims to provide musicians with portable, versatile, and highly playable instruments. The YC model, in particular, is known for its authentic organ sounds, featuring five different organ models that recreate the tones of classic organs. It also includes onboard effects like vibrato, chorus, and reverb, allowing for a wide range of sound customization.

MIDI Connectivity: Expanding Your Musical Horizons

MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a standard protocol that allows musical instruments, computers, and other hardware to communicate. When you connect the Yamaha Reface YC to a computer via MIDI, you can use it as a MIDI controller, record and playback your performances, and use it with a variety of music production software.

Setting Up the Connection

  1. Required Equipment: To connect the Reface YC to a computer, you’ll need a USB cable. The Reface YC uses a USB-to-Host port for MIDI connections.
  2. Connecting the Cable: Simply plug one end of the USB cable into the Reface YC and the other into your computer’s USB port.
  3. Software Setup: On your computer, you’ll need to have music software that supports MIDI devices. This could be a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, or FL Studio.
  4. Configuring the MIDI Settings: In your music software, you’ll need to configure the MIDI settings to recognize the Reface YC. This usually involves going into the MIDI settings section of the software and enabling the Reface YC as both a MIDI input and output device.

Exploring the Possibilities

Once your Yamaha Reface YC is connected to your computer, the possibilities for music creation expand exponentially.

  • Use as a MIDI Controller: The Reface YC can be used to control other virtual instruments in your DAW, giving you access to a vast array of sounds beyond its organ tones.
  • Recording Performances: You can record MIDI data from the Reface YC into your DAW, which captures not only the notes you play but also the velocity and expressiveness of your performance.
  • Editing and Mixing: With the MIDI data recorded, you can edit, rearrange, and mix your performance within the DAW, adding other elements like drums, bass, or guitars.
  • Live Performance: You can also use the Reface YC with your computer for live performances, triggering samples or virtual instruments, and even controlling lighting or visual effects software through MIDI.


The Yamaha Reface YC’s MIDI connectivity with a computer opens up a new realm of creative potential. By bridging the gap between classic organ sounds and modern music production techniques, it offers musicians a powerful tool for both live performance and studio work. Whether you’re recording, performing, or simply experimenting, integrating the Reface YC with your computer via MIDI is a journey that promises rich musical experiences.

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