How to do velocity on capcut


CapCut, a popular video editing program, allows users to transform their raw footage into polished masterpieces. The Velocity tool stands out among its numerous functions as a great way to bring vitality and excitement to your videos. This guide will lead you through the steps of using Velocity in CapCut to improve the speed and flow of your clips.

Import Your Video

Create a new project with the CapCut app. Select the “+” button on the main page to import the video clips you want to modify. After you’ve loaded your footage, organize the segments in the timeline in the order you want them to appear in your finished video.

Recognize Velocity

In the context of video editing, velocity refers to the rate at which a video clip plays. CapCut lets you change the speed of your clips to create spectacular slow-motion or fast-motion effects. To use the Velocity tool, select the “Speed” option after tapping on the clip you want to change in the timeline.

Use Slow Motion

Drag the speed slider to the left to slow down a clip. The slower the clip plays, the further to the left you shift it. You can select from several speeds, ranging from slightly reduced to a stunning slow-motion effect. This is very useful for emphasizing specific moments in your film, providing a theatrical touch, or emphasizing intricate details.

Incorporate Fast Motion

Drag the speed slider to the right for a fast-motion effect. Fast motion can be used to create dramatic sequences, speed up time-lapse footage, or add a sense of urgency to your film. Experiment with various speed settings to find the best balance for your material.

Changing the Velocity

CapCut allows you to alter the velocity of a single clip. hit the clip in the timeline, then pick “Speed,” and then hit the “Add” button to add keyframes. To generate smooth transitions between multiple velocities within the same clip, adjust the speed at each keyframe.

Adjusting Transitions

Pay attention to the points where clips with various velocities connect to ensure smooth transitions. CapCut’s “Transitions” tool can be used to add imaginative transitions that complement the speed adjustments. This helps to keep your video’s flow consistent throughout.

Preview and Modify

After implementing velocity changes, preview your video to observe how the effects improve the quality of your clip. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the appropriate tempo and visual effect. CapCut offers real-time previews, allowing you to fine-tune your edits with pinpoint accuracy.

Save Your Video

When you’re happy with the velocity tweaks and overall modifications, tap the “Export” option to save your video. Select your favorite resolution and export options to save and share your work with the rest of the world.


CapCut velocity mastery opens up a world of creative options for your videos. Whether you want to create dramatic slow-motion sequences, lively fast-motion clips, or a dynamic blend of the two, CapCut’s Velocity tool allows you to do so with precision and flair. Experiment, release your imagination, and allow the fascinating force of velocity to make your videos stand out.

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