How to turn off do not disturb


Many devices include a helpful function called Do Not Disturb (DND) mode that lets users temporarily turn off calls and notifications. In certain circumstances, though, you might want to disable Do Not Disturb to make sure you get calls and essential texts. We’ll walk you through the process of disabling Do Not Disturb on a variety of platforms and devices in this article.

Disabling Android’s Do Not Disturb feature

  • Your Android device’s Settings app should open.
  • After swiping down, choose “Sound” or “Sound & vibration.”
  • Locate and press the “Do not disturb” option.
  • Flip off the switch that reads “Turn on now” or “Scheduled.”

Turning Off iPhone Do Not Disturb:

  • Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Click or tap “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Turn off the light beside “Do Not Disturb.”

Turning Off Windows 10’s Do Not Disturb feature:

In the lower right corner of your screen, click the Action Center icon (which resembles a speech bubble).
Locate the icon that says “Do Not Disturb,” which resembles a crescent moon. To turn it off, click on it.

Disabling macOS’s Do Not Disturb feature:

In the upper-left corner, click the Apple logo, then choose “System Preferences.”
Select “Notifications.”
Locate and toggle off the “Do Not Disturb” option on the left

Turning off tablets and smartphones do not disturb feature:

For iOS or Android-powered devices, see the detailed procedures stated above.
Just flick the Do Not Disturb switch back to the off position if your device has one.

Disabling Smartwatch Do Not Disturb:

  • Open the smartwatch’s settings menu.
  • Go to the “Notifications” or “Sound” area.
  • Locate the Do Not Disturb option and disable it.

Turning Off Do Not Disturb for Texting Apps:

Some messaging apps have their own options for turning off the phone. To turn off the Do Not Disturb
function, launch the app, navigate to settings, and search for notification preferences.

In conclusion, disabling Do Not Disturb is a simple procedure, albeit the methods can be a little different
depending on the platform or device you’re using. You may immediately start receiving calls and
notifications again by following the above methods, making sure you don’t miss any crucial updates or

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