How to add channels on ovhd

Adding channels to your OpenView High Definition (OVHD) decoder is a straightforward process, allowing you to enhance your television viewing experience with a broader selection of channels. OVHD, a South African free-to-air HD television platform, offers a variety of channels that cater to different interests, including news, sports, movies, and children’s programming. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you add channels to your OVHD decoder:

Understanding OVHD

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to understand that OVHD offers a fixed set of channels. Unlike other platforms where you can manually add or remove specific channels, OVHD automatically updates its channel list when new channels are added to the platform.

Steps to Add Channels on OVHD

1. Ensure Proper Installation

  • Ensure that your OVHD decoder is properly connected to your satellite dish.
  • Your dish must be correctly aligned to the SES-5 satellite, which is where OVHD broadcasts from.

2. Check for Signal Quality

  • Navigate to the ‘Menu’ from your OVHD remote control.
  • Select ‘Signal Information’ or similar options to check the signal strength and quality.
  • A good signal is crucial for receiving all available channels.

3. Automatic Channel Scanning

  • Go to the ‘Installation’ menu on your decoder.
  • Select ‘Automatic Scan’ to allow your decoder to search for and install all available channels.
  • This process might take a few minutes, during which your TV screen might go blank or show a progress bar.

4. Manual Channel Scanning (Optional)

  • If automatic scanning doesn’t add new channels, you can try manual scanning.
  • Go to ‘Installation’ and select ‘Manual Scan’.
  • Enter the specific frequencies, symbol rate, and polarization as provided by OVHD or found on their website.

5. Channel Organization

  • After scanning, the channels should automatically update to your channel list.
  • You can organize the channels as per your preference through the ‘Channel Edit’ option in the menu.

6. Regular Updates

  • OVHD occasionally adds new channels or updates its service.
  • Regularly perform an automatic scan to ensure you have the latest channels.

7. Troubleshooting

  • If you encounter issues, check cable connections, restart your decoder, or reset it to factory settings.
  • Contact OVHD customer support for assistance if problems persist.

Tips and Considerations

  • Weather Conditions: Bad weather can affect signal quality, impacting channel availability.
  • Up-to-date Decoder Firmware: Ensure your decoder’s firmware is up to date for optimal performance.
  • Channel Availability: Some channels may be region-specific or subject to broadcasting rights.


Adding channels to your OVHD setup is usually an automated process that requires minimal intervention. By following these steps and ensuring a strong signal, you can enjoy a wide range of channels offered by OVHD. Remember to regularly check for new channels and updates to keep your channel list current.

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