How to do superscript in canva


Canva has evolved as a popular and user-friendly graphic design platform, allowing people of all skill levels to produce great pictures for a variety of objectives. You’ve come to the right place if you want to use superscripts in your designs to add a touch of professionalism or creativity. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basic stages of using superscript in Canva.

1: Launch Canva and create a new project.

Begin by logging in to your Canva account, or creating one if you don’t already have one. Start a new project or open an existing one to edit once you’ve logged in.

2: Insert a Text Element

To add a text element to your design, select the “Text” option from the left sidebar. Select “Add a heading” or “Add a subheading” depending on where you want the superscript to appear.

3: Create Your Text

Click on the text box and enter the desired text. If you need to use superscript for specific words or characters, make sure to include them in the text.

4: Emphasize the Text

After entering your content, highlight the section you want to convert to superscript. For instance, if you wish to superscript a number or a single character, highlight only that portion of the text.

5: Navigate to the Text Editing Options

Look for the toolbar at the top of the screen while the text is highlighted. This toolbar contains several text editing options. Look for the “Text” dropdown option, which is normally denoted by a capital ‘A.’

6: Select Superscript

When you select “Text” from the dropdown menu, a variety of formatting options appear. Scroll down until you see “Superscript” as an option. When you select it, your highlighted text will change to a smaller, elevated version.

7: Make any necessary adjustments.

You can further customize the superscripted text in Canva. Click and drag the corners of the text box to resize it so that it fits smoothly into your design. You may also modify the font, color, and other design elements to make your project seem and feel more cohesive.

8: Download and Save

When you’re finished, click the “Download” icon in the top right corner of the screen to save your work. Choose a file format (PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc.) and save the image to your device.


Using superscript in Canva to enhance your designs is a simple yet effective approach to improve your presentations, social media graphics, and other visual content. You can easily boost your text elements and create professional-looking designs that catch your attention by following these step-by-step instructions. Canva’s user-friendly interface and broad set of tools make it a good choice for those wishing to dabble in graphic design without requiring substantial technical knowledge. Begin experimenting with superscripts in Canva and see your creations take on a new level of inventiveness and flair.

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