How to turn off descriptive audio on Disney Plus”


With a wide library of beloved movies and TV episodes, Disney+ has become a go-to streaming platform for numerous people. However, some users may discover that an unexpected function has been enabled: descriptive audio. Descriptive audio is a feature that provides supplemental narration summarizing significant visual features to visually challenged viewers. If you want to watch your material without this feature, here’s how to disable descriptive audio on Disney+.

1: Launch the Disney+ app or website

To begin, launch the Disney+ app on your streaming device or go to the Disney+ website on your PC.

2: Register

Enter your Disney+ credentials to access your account if you are not already logged in.

3: Choose a Profile

Select the profile for which you want to disable descriptive audio if you have several profiles on your Disney+ account.

4: Select a Title

Select the title you want to view. This could be a Disney movie or TV show from their vast library.

5: Perform the Title

To begin watching, click or tap on the title you want to view. When the content begins, numerous playback controls will appear on the screen.

6: Go to the Audio Settings

Look for the audio or language settings. A gear icon or a similar symbol is frequently used to indicate this. To reach the audio settings menu, click or tap on it.

7: Turn off Descriptive Audio

Locate the descriptive audio option in the audio options. It could be called “Descriptive Audio,” “Audio Description,” or something else. To turn it off, toggle the switch or pick the option.

8: Save Your Work

Make sure to save your changes when you disable descriptive audio. This is typically accomplished by selecting a “Save” or “Apply” button from the audio settings menu.

9: Verify Changes

After you’ve saved your adjustments, return to the playback screen and make sure the descriptive audio is turned off. You should be able to enjoy your content without needing to hear any additional narration.

10: If necessary, repeat

If you have numerous profiles on your Disney+ account, you may need to complete these procedures for each profile separately, as the descriptive audio settings differ by profile.


You can easily switch off descriptive audio on Disney+ and enjoy your favorite movies and TV episodes without added narration by following these simple steps. Disney+ attempts to provide an inclusive and accessible streaming experience and users can customize their settings for a more personalized viewing experience.

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