How to add tarkov to steam


Adding” Escape from Tarkov,” a popular multiplayer online first- person shooter game, to Steam can be a great way to integrate it with your Steam library, indeed though it isn’t officially available on the Steam platform. Then is a companion on how you can add” Escape from Tarkov” to Steam

1. Understanding the Limitations

  • Escape from Tarkov isn’t vended on Brume; it’s available through its sanctioned website.
  • Adding it to Steam wo n’t enable Brume features like achievements or trading cards.
  • This system only allows you to launch the game through Steam and access the Steam Overlay.

2. Purchase and Install Escape from Tarkov

  • Buy and install Escape from Tarkov from its sanctioned website.
  • ensure the game is rightly installed and running on your system.

3. Open Your Brume customer

  • Launch the Steam operation on your computer.
  • Log in to your Brume account.

4. Adding aNon-Steam Game to Your Library

  • Click on “ Games ” in the top menu.
  • Select “ Add aNon-Steam Game to My Library. ” from the dropdown.

5. detect the Escape from Tarkov Executable

  • In the pop-up window, click on “ Browse ”
  • Navigate to the brochure where Escape from Tarkov is installed.
  • Find the executable train( generally namedEscapeFromTarkov.exe or analogous).
  • elect the executable and click “ Open. ”

6. Add the Game to Steam

  • The game should now appear in the list of operations.
  • Check the box coming to Escape from Tarkov and click “ Add named Programs. ”

7. Launching Escape from Tarkov via Steam

  • Now, Escape from Tarkov will appear in your Steam library.
  • Click on it in your library to launch the game.
  • This will allow you to use the Steam Overlay and converse while playing.

8. Customizing the Steam Shortcut

  • Right-click on the game in your library and elect “ parcels. ”
  • Then, you can change the name of the roadway, set launch options, or change the icon.

9. Considerations for Game Updates

  • Flashback, updates for the game won’t be handled through Steam.
  • You’ll need to modernize the game through its native launcher.

10. Troubleshooting

  • still, insure the path to the executable is correct, If the game fails to launch.
  • comity issues may arise; relate to online forums or the game’s support for backing.


Adding Escape from Tarkov to Steam is a straightforward process. While it doesn’t integrate the game completely into the Steam ecosystem, it does allow for some position of integration, similar as the Steam Overlay and Converse features. It’s a useful workaround for players who prefer to have all their games accessible through one platform. Flashback that for updates and specific game-related issues, you will need to relate to the game’s original launcher and support channels

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