How to appear offline in OSRS

In the immersive world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a game renowned for its vast open world and deep player interaction, there are times when players may seek a bit of solitude or privacy. Whether it’s to focus on a complex quest, avoid distractions, or simply take a breather from the bustling community, knowing how to appear offline can be a valuable skill. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this, ensuring that your adventures in Gielinor can be as private as you desire.

Step 1: Understanding the ‘Appear Offline’ Feature

OSRS doesn’t have a straightforward “appear offline” button like some other online games. However, players can effectively make themselves invisible to others by manipulating the in-game chat settings. It’s important to understand that while you can hide your online status, your character will still be visible in the game world if you’re logged in.

Step 2: Adjusting Your Friends List

The most direct way to appear offline is by managing your Friends List:

  1. Open the Friends List: Click on the yellow smiley icon on your game’s interface.
  2. Change Status to ‘Off’: At the bottom of the Friends List, you will see an option to change your online status. Set it to ‘Off’. This will make you appear offline to anyone who has added you as a friend.

Step 3: Managing the Clan Chat

If you’re part of a clan, you might also want to hide your presence in the clan chat:

  1. Open the Clan Chat: Click on the two smiley faces icon.
  2. Leave the Chat Temporarily: You can choose to leave the clan chat temporarily. This prevents other clan members from seeing you online in the chat.

Step 4: Dealing with Public Chat

To completely isolate yourself:

  1. Open the Chat Settings: Click on the chat bubble icon.
  2. Set Public Chat to ‘Off’: This will prevent players nearby from seeing any messages you send and vice versa. It also gives the impression that you are not actively engaging in the game.

Step 5: Private Messaging

For private messages:

  1. Adjust Private Chat Settings: You can set your private chat to ‘Friends’, which allows only your friends to contact you, or ‘Off’, which blocks all private messages.

Additional Tips

  1. Location Matters: If you really want to avoid other players, consider logging into less populated worlds or exploring more secluded areas of the game.
  2. Understand the Limitations: While these steps can make you seem mostly offline, players who are nearby can still see your character in the game world.


Being able to appear offline in Old School RuneScape provides players with the flexibility to enjoy the game on their terms. Whether it’s for uninterrupted gameplay, privacy, or simply taking a moment to plan your next move, these steps ensure you can navigate Gielinor’s vast lands with the privacy you desire. Remember, the world of OSRS is vast and diverse, and sometimes a little solitude can enhance your adventure!

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