How to find ancient city in Minecraft


The attraction of unearthing ancient cities has fascinated gamers all over the world since the debut of the Deep Dark biome to Minecraft. These concealed constructions not only provide architectural marvels, but also provide unique challenges and rewards. This book contains crucial information for adventurers looking to investigate these enigmatic towns.

Getting Ready for the Expedition

Preparation is essential before plunging into the depths:

  • Equip yourself with robust armor (ideally diamond or netherite), a good sword, and a trustworthy pickaxe.
  • Bring plenty of torches or other light sources for lighting.
  • Provisions for Food: Food should be stored for health renewal.
  • Potions: Consider packing healing, night vision, and fire resistance potions.

Discovering the Deep Dark Biome

The ancient metropolis is located within the biome Deep Dark. Here’s how to get there:

  • Mine Deep: The Deep Dark biome is found near the bedrock in the deepslate layer. Begin by mining downhill.
  • Sculk: The biome is packed with sculk blocks, which emit distinct sounds.
  • Look for tunnels: The Deep Dark biome frequently spans vast tunnels, making it simpler to find after you’ve reached the appropriate stratum.

Identifying the Ancient City

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  • Methodical Search: Ancient cities are enormous, but they might be difficult to find. Patience and careful exploration of the Deep Dark biome are required.
  • Underground constructions: Because the city is characterised by vast, sprawling constructions made of deepslate bricks, any man-made structures should be avoided.
  • Getting Around the Ancient City

Proceed with caution once you’ve discovered an old city:

  • Avoid the Warden: A formidable hostile mob known as the Warden lurks in these cities. To avoid discovery, move silently.
  • Investigate Structures: Look for loot chests in buildings. They can hold expensive objects such as enchanted books and music CDs.
  • Beware of Traps: Some ancient city structures may include traps, so keep an eye out.
  • Expedition Planning Suggestions
  • Utilise Coordinates: Keep track of your coordinates in order to find your way back or to share your whereabouts with friends.
  • Mark Your Path: Using markers or torches, you may explore the complicated city layout.
  • Maintain your stealth: Moving too quickly or making loud noises may catch the Warden’s attention.


Discovering an old city in Minecraft is an exciting journey that demands planning, patience, and a keen eye. These hidden treasures provide an insight into the game’s lore as well as unique challenges and rewards. You can explore these ancient structures and learn their mysteries by dressing appropriately and continuing with caution. Embrace your inner adventurer and embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the Deep Dark environment.

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