How to find lorex device id


In the intricate world of digital surveillance, pinpointing your Lorex device’s ID is akin to discovering a hidden key in a high-tech maze. This unique identifier is the cornerstone of customizing and maximizing the potential of your Lorex security solutions. In this exclusive guide, we’ll embark on a detailed journey to unearth your Lorex device’s ID, ensuring seamless integration with modern surveillance technology.

The Essence of the Lorex Device ID

The Device ID is not just a string of characters; it’s a digital passport for your Lorex device, granting access to a world of remote monitoring and control. This alphanumeric code is a unique fingerprint, distinguishing your device in the vast network of Lorex systems.

Setting the Stage: Your Lorex Device

To begin your quest, your Lorex camera or DVR/NVR must be a beacon in your network. A properly installed and network-connected device is the starting line of this race.

The Treasure Hunt: Finding the Device ID

Path One: The Device’s Heart

  1. Deep Dive into the Menu: On your DVR/NVR, the menu is the treasure map. Navigate through the live view screen with a right-click and select ‘Menu’.
  2. Unraveling the System Secrets: In the labyrinth of options, seek out the ‘System’ or ‘Information’ tab. This section is the chamber where your Device ID is inscribed.
  3. Deciphering the Code: Here, under a label like ‘Device ID’ or ‘Device Info’, lies the code – your much-awaited prize.

Path Two: The Digital Conjurer – Mobile App

  1. The QR Code Enigma: Locate the QR code, a mysterious glyph, often found on the device or in the user manual.
  2. Summoning the App: Install the Lorex Home or Lorex Cloud app on your smartphone, a digital wand for this magical quest.
  3. The Scanning Ritual: In the app, initiate the ‘Add Device’ spell and use your phone as a scrying glass to scan the QR code. The app, like an oracle, will reveal the Device ID.

Step 3: The Verification Crusade

With the Device ID in hand, embark on a quest of verification. If the mobile app is your guide, it will validate the ID in its own mysterious ways. If you have noted it from the device, double-check for accuracy to avoid future enchantments of error.

The Lorex Grimoire: Additional Wisdom

  • Reachability of the Device: If your device is perched in an arcane location, the mobile app’s QR code method is a convenient spell.
  • Updates: The Potion of Progress: Keep your device and apps in the realm of the latest updates. These potions can alter the paths to the Device ID.
  • Guarding the Key: Your Device ID is akin to a powerful artifact; safeguard it with the utmost care.

Epilogue: Mastering Your Lorex Domain

Unlocking your Lorex Device ID is more than a technical endeavor; it’s a rite of passage into the realm of advanced surveillance. Whether you’re a guardian of your home, a sentinel of your business, or a sage of security, this knowledge empowers you to harness the full potential of your Lorex system. For further wisdom, consult the tomes at the Lorex support site or seek counsel from their customer service sages.

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