How to find out who created a website


In the vast digital landscape of the internet, understanding the origins of a website can be crucial for various reasons. Whether you’re conducting market research, verifying the credibility of information, or simply curious, knowing how to find out who created a website is an essential skill. This article will guide you through the process of uncovering the creator or owner of a website.

Understanding Website Ownership

  1. Domain Registration:
    • Every website has a domain name, registered with a domain registrar. The registration details often include information about the website creator or owner.
  2. Website Content:
    • Sometimes, the website itself may provide clues about its creator, such as an “About Us” or “Contact” page.

Tools and Techniques to Identify Website Creators

  1. WHOIS Lookup:
    • WHOIS databases store registered users of domain names. Services like ICANN WHOIS, DomainTools, or allow you to enter a website’s domain name and retrieve the registration details, including the name, organization, and contact information of the registrant.
  2. Reverse Whois Lookup:
    • This tool allows you to search by the name or email of a person or organization to find all the domains associated with them.
  3. Web Archive Services:
    • The Wayback Machine ( provides historical snapshots of websites, which can sometimes reveal the creator’s details if they have changed over time.
  4. Search Engines:
    • Simple Google searches can sometimes lead to articles, forum posts, or other websites that mention the creator of the site.
  5. Social Media and Online Forums:
    • Sometimes the creators promote their website on social media platforms or discuss them in online forums.

Legal and Privacy Considerations

  1. Privacy Policies and GDPR:
    • Due to privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, some registrants’ details may be redacted in WHOIS searches.
  2. Respecting Privacy:
    • Even if you find out who created a website, respect their privacy and legal rights. Use the information ethically and lawfully.

Analyzing the Information

  1. Verify the Authenticity:
    • Cross-reference the information you find with multiple sources to ensure its authenticity.
  2. Understand Limitations:
    • Sometimes, the information might be outdated, or the website could be registered through a proxy, making it challenging to find the actual creator.


Finding out who created a website can be a mixture of detective work and technical research. Utilizing tools like WHOIS lookups, web archives, and search engines are effective ways to gather information. However, it’s important to approach this with an understanding of privacy laws and ethical considerations.

Further Resources

  • WHOIS lookup tools like ICANN WHOIS
  • Archive services like Wayback Machine
  • Online courses on digital research and internet privacy laws.

In the digital age, the ability to research and verify information is invaluable. By following these steps and utilizing the available tools, you can successfully uncover the origins of most websites while respecting the boundaries of privacy and legality.

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