How to find out who owns a television show copyright


In the intricate world of television and entertainment, understanding who holds the copyrights to a show can be crucial for various reasons, ranging from legal inquiries to potential licensing or collaboration opportunities. This article provides a comprehensive approach to discover the ownership of television show copyrights.

Understanding Television Show Copyrights

  • Definition: Copyright in television shows encompasses the legal rights granted to the creator or owner of the show, protecting its unique content from unauthorized use.
  • Scope: It covers various elements, including scripts, dialogues, characters, and sometimes the format of the show.

Steps to Find Copyright Ownership

  1. Check the Credits: The simplest starting point is to look at the credits of the show. Often, the production company or network holding the copyright is listed.
  2. Broadcasting Network’s Website: Visit the official website of the network airing the show. They often have information about their shows, including copyright details.
  3. Legal Disclaimers: Pay attention to the legal disclaimers at the end of episodes or in the show’s description, as they can include copyright information.

Conducting Online Research

  1. IMDb (Internet Movie Database): IMDb is a comprehensive source for entertainment content, providing detailed information about television shows, including the production companies and sometimes copyright details.
  2. U.S. Copyright Office:
    • If the show is American, the U.S. Copyright Office’s online database can be a resource. You can search their records for registered copyrights.
    • Note that not all shows are registered, and this method may not yield results for newer shows.
  3. Industry Publications and News: Entertainment industry publications or news websites often discuss legal aspects of shows, including copyright ownership.

Utilizing Professional Resources

  1. Entertainment Lawyers: For legal matters or negotiations, consulting with an entertainment lawyer can provide precise information and guidance.
  2. Industry Contacts: Networking within the television industry can yield insights, as industry professionals often have knowledge about the ownership of various shows.

Special Considerations

  • International Shows: For shows produced outside the U.S., consider looking into the respective country’s copyright registration office or similar authorities.
  • Older Shows: Finding copyright information for older or classic shows may require looking into historical records or industry archives.


Discovering who owns the copyright to a television show involves a blend of research, utilizing online resources, and sometimes professional assistance. Whether it’s for legal clarity, academic research, or business purposes, understanding the ownership of television show copyrights is pivotal in navigating the entertainment industry’s legal landscape. Always remember that copyright laws vary by country, and professional legal advice is advisable for any copyright-related actions or decisions.

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