How to find the exact time a video was uploaded


In the digital era, where content is continuously uploaded, sometimes it becomes essential to know the exact time a video was uploaded. This can be for various reasons – from verifying the authenticity of the content to understanding its relevance in a time-sensitive context. This article guides you through the process of finding the exact upload time of a video, focusing on popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and other content-sharing websites.

Understanding Video Metadata

  1. What is Video Metadata?
    • Metadata in the context of videos includes all the underlying data about the video, such as the file size, format, duration, and importantly, the upload time.
  2. Importance of Upload Time:
    • Knowing the exact upload time can help in ascertaining the timeline of events or in verifying the original source of content.

Finding Upload Time on Popular Platforms

  1. YouTube:
    • Hover Over the Date: On a YouTube video, the date is displayed under the video title. By hovering your cursor over this date, a tooltip often appears showing the exact upload time.
    • Check the Page Source: For a more technical approach, right-click on the webpage and select ‘View Page Source’. Use the browser’s search function (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) and type in ‘datePublished’ to find a timestamp.
  2. Vimeo:
    • Vimeo typically displays the upload date next to the video. However, finding the exact time might require checking the video description or comments, as users sometimes mention the upload time there.
    • For a precise time, it might be necessary to contact the video uploader directly through Vimeo’s messaging feature.
  3. Other Content-Sharing Websites:
    • On platforms like Dailymotion or Facebook, the approach can vary. Generally, looking for a date near the video and checking any available tooltips by hovering can be helpful.
    • If the exact time is not displayed, consider reaching out to the uploader for more information.

Tips for Accurate Information

  1. Time Zone Awareness:
    • Be aware of time zone differences. The upload time is typically shown in the time zone of the platform’s server or your local time zone.
  2. Checking Update Times:
    • Note that some platforms allow content to be re-uploaded or edited without changing the original upload time.
  3. Using Third-Party Tools:
    • There are third-party websites and tools that can extract detailed metadata from online videos, including the exact upload time.

Ethical Considerations

  1. Respecting Privacy:
    • Use the upload time information ethically and respect the privacy of the content creators.
  2. Avoiding Misinterpretation:
    • Use this information as part of a broader context to avoid misinterpretation of the video content.


Determining the exact time a video was uploaded can be crucial for content verification and analysis. By utilizing platform-specific features and being aware of metadata, users can pinpoint this information. As always, use this data responsibly and within the context of ethical guidelines and privacy norms.

Further Resources

  • Online tutorials on understanding and using video metadata.
  • Forums and communities for video content creators.
  • Guides on digital content verification and fact-checking.

Remember, while the technical aspect of finding this information is straightforward, interpreting it within the correct context is key to its usefulness.

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