In an email what does cc mean


Various acronyms and abbreviations are often used in email communication to improve productivity and convey information in a concise manner. One such phrase is “CC.” This article will attempt to solve the enigma around this frequently used email shorthand by clarifying its purpose and its usage etiquette.

Understanding the term “CC” in emails: Definition:

“CC” is an abbreviation for “Carbon Copy.” It refers to the practice of sending a copy of an email to recipients other than the original recipient(s) in the context of email. The name dates back to the days of typewriters and carbon paper when copies were generated by sandwiching sheets of carbon paper between sheets of paper. In the digital era, “CC” is a method of informing others about the content of an email without making them the primary addressees.

This is how it works:

When writing an email, you can include email addresses in the “CC” section to distribute copies to those people. The principal receivers are those indicated in the “To” column, while those named in the “CC” field receive copies for informational purposes. They can see the full email and all recipients, but they are not the primary audience.

Correct “CC” Etiquette:

Clarity and Transparency:

Use “CC” sparingly and with purpose. Include them if the information is critical for the folks in the “CC” field to be aware of. However, superfluous “CC” additions should be avoided because they can lead to information overload for recipients.

Consider the following:

Consider whether the material is directly relevant to the recipients before adding them to the “CC” field. Involving folks unduly may clog their inboxes and dilute the message’s impact.

Sensitivity and Privacy:

Keep in mind the sensitivity of the information you’re sharing. If the email contains confidential or private information, use caution and limit the usage of “CC” to only those who must be informed.

All Reply versus. Reply:

When responding to an email that has several recipients, consider whether your message is relevant to all of them. Use “Reply All” sparingly, as it might add to email weariness and impede communication flow.

BCC stands for “Blind Carbon Copy.”

Consider utilizing “BCC” (Blind Carbon Copy) in cases when you want to safeguard the privacy of email addresses or keep recipients from knowing each other. This box allows you to add more recipients without making them apparent to others.


Knowing what “CC” means in emails is essential for productive and respectful communication. You may guarantee that your messages are clear, relevant, and sensitive of the recipients’ time and privacy by following basic email etiquette. Mastering the art of “CC” can enhance your email communications and contribute to a more efficient and effective digital communication experience, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie to email communication.

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